Rhino Marketing


Originally founded by Doug Morneau in 1997, grew to an employee and contractor count of 28, Rhino Marketing Inc. operates at the intersection of the rapidly evolving digital world of e-marketing and the world of traditional strategy-based marketing.

RMI understands that business fundamentals have not changed despite profound changes in the tactics and mechanisms of market communication. Marketing is still about identifying, engaging, acquiring, retaining and growing high-value customers. We always remember that when new, exciting, highly effective digital tools and techniques come along; they are still just tactics, not strategy and never lose sight of the fact that whatever technique is used, the objective remains the same: driving profitable sales.

To operate effectively in any medium, businesses need to address fundamental questions about who they want to speak to, what they want to say, and what action they expect prospective customers to take as a result. More than in any other media, customers online choose whether to listen and to whom. In the online world, understanding your audience has never been more important. Relevance is everything!

RMI has developed the expertise to understand, conduct, and manage transactions with these e-enabled customers, and assembled a suite of tools that provide us unique insight into the dynamics of how these interactions take place. It’s how we know which half of your advertising spend is being wasted, and which half works.

The significant difference between RMI and other online practitioners is the real-world business and marketing management experience we bring to each client engagement. We ensure that desired offline results and online marketing efforts are clearly aligned and then, set to work implementing tactics. It’s an accountable, end-to-end service we call The Rhino Process.